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You will be placed in a compression garment immediately after your surgery. Immediately after surgery, you will notice that your buttocks are larger. Realizing the Vision you have of your Authentic Self Your feminization journey is deeply personal, and deeply connected to your unique gender identity and how you want to express it. Don't mind if I do! I was wondering the other day about doing the procedure twice and only transfer half the fat each time for the purposes of the fat having time to vascularize better with the first transfer. Good luck with the transfer, Paige.

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Fat Grafting

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Just before my surgery I am doing the annual party in the desert with friends, I have many belly shirts planned to wear. Having a bigger butt would just be icing on the cake, not really necessary in my eyes. Fat grafting may be used for:. I wish you the best! Beck takes an individualized approach to the care of each patient, and he wants you to be able to live your life more fully and confidently as a result of feminization procedures. This enlargement is the result of two components:

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Fat grafting to the buttocks shapes the derriere into a more attractive, feminine shape. Still it is working though- this is the most I've ever weighed, and that is a feat in itself being that I have never been able to gain weight. Hughes about exactly that at the initial consultation, he said multiple stages wouldn't make a difference. Judging from the other reviews I have read on realself, I think he will be able to find a lot more than he said at our original consult. And if it's one of your goals, fat grafting can soften your facial shape. This website is compliant with the ADA; read the compliance statement. While artificial materials like the ingredients used in injectables can be perfectly safe and provide great results, fat grafting has the advantage of removing some extra fat from an area like the abdomen, thighs or back.

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