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Martin and Pleyers cooperated on nine albums until Two volumes were published. Naturally Martin's work was so deadly serious that it became irresistible for parody. The only creative license Martin allowed himself was not tying 'Alix' to one specific era in Roman history. Jacques Martin now had a strong enough reputation to become Tintin's artistic director from until Each episode showed a historic car or aeroplane model, which Martin depicted down to the tiniest technical details.

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Jacques Martin


For his part, he never wrote or drew a love scene for Alix and Enak. In four books were published by Casterman. In , two years after Jacques Martin's death, another spin-off series called 'Alix Senator' was launched. Roger Brunel drew a pornographic spoof named 'Legland' in the third volume of 'Pastiches' Married with children, Martin repeatedly either ducked the question or announced, diplomatically, that his readers were free to bring to the stories their own interpretations — and their own fantasies, straight or gay. Once again the editors of Tintin saw little in 'Lefranc' and asked him to just focus on 'Alix' instead.

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Seeing they had never been right before it was easy for him to ignore their requests. He illustrated many columns in the magazine like the educational series 'Voir et Savoir' 'To See and To Know' , which also inspired a series of chromo cards. His physical features were modelled after Greek sculptures of young men. He is best known for two comics series, namely 'Alix' , which is set in the Roman age, and 'Lefranc' , , which follows the adventures of a journalist. Perhaps Martin couldn't draw teeth, that's possible. We looked in every kind of book for a model, a representation of the couple we wanted to be.

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